Louis Sendoval

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El Toro Picana




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Fire Kingdom (former)

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Toro Picana's real name is Louis Sendoval, and is one of Dreamland's most famous Travelers. He is considered very special for an unknown reason, is extremely powerful and dangerous.

Everyone in Dreamland is advised to avoid fighting with him.


Toro has long black hair which he covers with a folded bandana.

He wears a black and white muscle shirt along with white pants. He has a gauntlet on his right arm, as well as a long tattoo.

His overall appearance may change when using his powers. 


Toro is very forgetful and seems to have short term memory loss.

He can be quite unpredictable and some hints suggest that he may be mentally unstable.

Often regarded as strange and rarely serious, he can get angry and fearsome to even the most powerful being in Dreamland in an instant when provocated or for other more futile reasons.

Abilities and powersEdit

Toro has been known to be a flame controller in the past. But his actual powers are unknown. He has been shown to control darkness in some extent and also being able to summon a huge house from nothing. He is considered as a very dangerous traveler and is feared even by the most powerful Nightmare Lords.

According to the 2nd volume information, he is powerful enough to go through the Dreamland's 5th area. He seems to be able to accomplish quite impossible feat, such as killing a dangerous group of traveler's killer in an instant, deflecting Asmodehus huge fireball attack or being able to break Milo Azura armor like it was nothing.


Toro Picana is one of the few that got a Tattoo from Lord Crazy. Lord Crazy used the Ink of Sin, Toro Picana got his Tattoo 13 years prior to the manga. Most who receive a tattoo with the Ink of Sin have died within the night of getting it.


  • He is known to be in control of the white, black and red flame. Though what it really means is unknown.
  • According to his personal information, he seems to be kept in a mental hospital. His crazy and unstable behavior seems to confirm this fact.
  • At the age of 20, Louis Sendoval was ranked 5th in the Major League. Three years later, he was ranked 35th in the Special League.
  • According to Reno Lemaire, his surname "Toro Picana" comes from a Japanese anime Jungle Waa Istumo Hare Nochi Guu opening. Tropicana is pronounced Toropicana in japanese.