The Ice Kingdom

The Ice Kingdom is one of the most powerful Nightmare Kingdom in the World of Dreamland. It is ruled by the Nightmare Lord of Ice Previce. Temperature can reach -150° in this Kingdom.

Known placesEdit

  • The Ice Tower: A gigantic tower situated deep in Kingdom. The place is where Previce and his official travelers live. The tower is surrounded by a big canyon and guarded by glace titans.
  • Snow: The Ice Kingdom capital is a wonderful city always covered in snow. Snow's inhabitants are know for their good manner and their sophistication. 
  • Loss: A rebellious outlining town in the Ice Kingdom. There the runoff from the melting snow and ice from Snow makes it a muddy mess. The temperature there is cold but above freezing; instead of always snowing like in Snow, in Loss it is always raining. Also in Loss snow and ice is illegal and punishment for having it is death.


Previce allows only men as official ice controllers in her Kingdom.

  • Tristan