Nightmare kingdom

The Dark Kingdom is the biggest and most vast Nightmare Kingdom in Dreamland. It is ruled by the Lord of Darkess, one of the most powerful beings in Dreamland with Infinity Midas.

The Dark kingdom is composed by 11 temples. 

Lord of DarknessEdit

Not much is known about the Lord of Darkness except that Toro Picana was once close to him. Due to the number of people fearing darkness, he is the most powerful being in Dreamland. Only very rare travelers are allowed to use darkness power. He seems to be rarely in contact with other Nightmare Lords, often regarded as being an enemy to them all.

Twelve TemplesEdit

The Dark kingdom is composed of Twelve Temples. Each one of them represents one hour of the night. Each temples is guarded by a Duke. Some of them are said to be equals to the most powerful Nightmare Lords.

  • The 11th temple is ruled by a small Duke with long black hair. His name is unknown.
  • The 09:00pm temple is ruled by Chatter, a female creature.
  • The 10:00pm temple is ruled by Ziggy, the 10th duke.
  • The 11:00pm temple is ruled by Sephal, one of the most powerful Duke in the nightmare Kingdom.
  • The 01:00am temple is called the Dark Night Temple. This is the most dangerous place in the nightmare kingdom and is where the Lord of Darkness live. 


  • Toro Picana hold the power of Darkness. He was once close to the Lord of Darkness.
  • Flam, from the Kill Stars hold the power of Darkness. She can manipulate the sound in the form of small black sphere.