The Cat Kingdom

The Cat Kingdom is one of the most powerful Dream Kingdom in the World of Dreamland. It is ruled by the Dream King of Cats, Rafaelo Midas.

Guardian CatsEdit

There are four Temples that protect the entrance to the capital of the Cat Kingdom and Four Guardian Cats assigned to rule them.

  • Lord Elvis - The Stoned Cat (Deceased, made into Eve Bright's invocation, and replaced by Lord Espresso)
  • Lord Magoss - The Muscular Cat (Deceased and replaced by Lord Karnage)

Kings GuardEdit

The Kings personal bodyguards :

  • Saturn - Head Bodyguard of the King and Greatest Warrior of the Cat Kingdom. He wa the master of Jimmy.
  • Milan - Second Bodyguard of the King of Cats. He was the disciple of Lord Elvis.


  • Jimmy (Official Traveler)
  • Felix (Unofficial traveler)