The Special League is a very special league in Dreamland who ranks the 50th greatest travelers in Dreamland. As opposed to the Major League, this League is not all about power but more about great exploits. However it is strongly implied that the very first of the special league are amongst the most powerful travelers in Dreamland. 

Current rankingEdit

Past RankingEdit

  • Jimmy was ranked 5th prior to becoming Lord Magoss' servant.
  • Austin P was ranked 50th prior to the event of the Black Cat Night.

Trivia Edit

  • While still an active Traveler, Toro Picana is no longer ranked in the special League. This is due to the fact that he is a special traveler. If he was to be ranked now, he would need a league on his own. Some say that he may even be more powerful than Dolche Tejada, the Dreamland's actual number one traveler.