Biographical Information
Also Known As The Hero
The Scarred Fighter
Town Montreal
Country Canada
Nationality Canadian
Physical Description
Age 19
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Blue/violet
Family Zero (twin brother)
Previce (lover)
Allies Zero
Phobia Frigophobia (Ice)
Ability Ice Manipulation
Occupation University student
League Major /#70 (Baby/ #14 previously)
Affiliation The Ice Kingdom #2 Traveler
Manga Debut Chapter 2

Shun Belly is a Traveler who controls ice. He is also a close friend and rival of Terrence Meyer. Shun controls his powers much better than Terrence despite becoming Traveler at the same time. In real life, Shun belongs in the University of Montreal. In Dreamland, Shun decides to serve the Lord of Ice, Previce, and become her lover.


Shun has spiky blue/violet hair and black eyes. He is taller than Terrence and is fairly thin.  

He is known to have a very charming face and kind expression.  

Shun has a hole in his arm which has levitating pieces of ice floating through it, a gift given to him by Lord Previce.  

He now portrays a mechanical prosthesis made ​​of metal on the left arm and a large scar on his left eye. (Result of the fight against Sephal, the fourth duke of the Dark Kingdom).  

Because of these events and during his life as a traveler, he now seems much less welcoming than before. 


Shun has a kind personality to his friends. At his debut in dreamland, he was often regarded as calm, polite, and modest. However, he could get mad when seeing other people being mistreated. 

After being defeated and seriously injured by one of the most powerful Duke in the Darkness Realm, Sephal, he has changed a lot.

His personality is now more similar to Zero's, he is more serious and more threatening.


In Volume 13, he will kill Ladislav Lycaon to avenge Boro enjoying almost in agony after his fight against Jin, but Terrence is going to stop him.


Shun is one of the only travelers who has 2 elemental powers. 

Cryokinesis: His first and true power is Ice control. He is a "Pure Ice User". This means he is able to control temperature, snowfall, the creation of ice, as well as withstand extreme temperatures (cold). He was given a new arm from the Ice princess Previce which has a new unknown power.

Electrokinesis: After permanently losing his arm against Sephal, the Duke of the 4th Temple of Darkness, his missing arm was replaced by a mechanical prosthesis. Thanks to this replaced arm, Shun also have the power to control electricity through it.


Nova Bang

Nova Bang is Zero's finisher. Shun encases his arm in ice in the shape of a hammer and uses it to greatly enhance his brute strength.

Ice Armor

He encases himself in ice armor and becomes exponentially faster and more powerful. 

Hagen Dass Cross

Forms and throws ice blades at high speeds slicing enemies in all directions in half.

Miko Double

Creates spiderweb-like ice that encases his enemies and hinders movement.

Supreme Magnum

Shun's most powerful attack. He creates a concentration of sub-zero temperature and ice and blasts it at his enemies.