Biographical Information
Also Known As Money Fighter
General of the 4th Unit in Meteor
Town Mumbia
Country India
Nationality Indian
Physical Description
Age 23
Gender Male
Hair Black with Red
Allies Meteor
Enemies Kill Stars
Phobia Toxicophobia (Fear of Poison)
Ability Money Fighter - Skin Turns into Silver
League Major / #62
Affiliation Meteor
Manga Debut

Shaka is a Traveler and is actually one of the generals of Meteor, a powerful group in Dreamland. He is known as the silver fighter and was part of the Kill Stars group. In the real world he is a taxi cab driver in Mumbai.


Like Savane, his main goal is to be Dreamland's number one and strongest fighter. He is very proud and does not hesitate to take extreme decisions in order to achieve his goal. Although Shaka is sometime harsh, he can also be extremely kind with other people and do not hesitate to help them when they need to.


He was once the leader and founder of the Kill stars. But after Lion Messi joined the group, he felt the group was to slow to progress and grow a little jealous of him. He then quit the group and joined the Meteor, one of the most powerful groups in Dreamland. He climbed the rank quickly and become one of the meteors powerful generals.


He drank the silver vial and since then he holds the power to cover parts of his body with a silver armor. The armor is very solid and is tough to leave a scratch on. The Silver armor seems to have different layers that Shaka can use to harden it.

Thanks to this armor, he displays huge impact power when he hits.