Sacha Creshric
Biographical Information
Also Known As The Scourge
Town Paris
Country France
Nationality French
Physical Description
Age 21
Gender Male
Eyes Bloodshot Red
Hair Pink
Family Sealvia (younger brother)
Enemies everyone
Phobia Barophobia (Gravity/Falling/Height)
Ability Gravity Manipulation
Occupation Law student - third grade
League Major/ #50
Manga Debut

Sacha is a 21 year old traveler who lives in Paris.

He is the former Baby League number 1 and is a very dangerous traveler.

He travels across Dreamland, blindly killing every traveler he encounters. Sacha is also the once thought dead older brother of Sealvia Creshric


Sacha seems to be quite fragile when compared to his younger brother Sealvia.

He is rather thin and have very long hair. His eyes are all red because of "Angelito" and he has a long mark under it. 


Sacha is regarded as a psychopath in Dreamland. He confronts almost every traveler he encounters and killed many of them in the past.

He seems quite corrupted by the power of his magical cleaver.


Sacha is Sealvia's older brother.

As seen in Sealvia's flashback, Sacha leaps off a balcony in an attempted suicide with his father, but rather than hitting the street below he landed on his father and survived.


Sasha's power is related to the void kingdom. He holds the power of Gravity, it allows him to control it to great extent. Thanks to his power, he can repulse anything he wants.

He uses his power in conjunction with his magical cleaver whose power allow it to draw anything toward it. 

Even though he does not look like a fierce warrior, Sacha has not once been hit or injured since becoming a traveler. He has defeated Osso Bucco, the former major league champion very easily. 

Magical ItemsEdit

Angelito (The Cursed Cleaver)

Angelito possesses a personality on his own and seems to have great influence on Sacha. She's a demonic girl and is violent. She often ask for people blood.
Her power is complementary to Sacha's in that she also possesses power over gravity, Sacha is push and Angelito is pull.


  • While being a student, it is revealed in the most recent volumes that he's also a postman as a part time job in Paris.