Reno Lemaire
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Biographical Information
Also Known As
Town Montpellier
Country France
Nationality French
Physical Description
Age 34
Gender Male
Occupation Artist
Manga Debut Dreamland

Reno Lemaire is a 38 years old french artist and author of the Dreamland series. He lives in Montpellier, France, and works alone on Dreamland. He draws the Volumes mainly in his flat in Montpellier at his own pace. He has two assistants, his cousin nicknamed Roro and Salim a talented colorist and a close friend of him. They help him on his series when he needs to.

According to an interview , he is totally free about his manga and does absolutely what he wants to do with it without any pressure from his editors. They understood rapidly that he works the best this way.

In the same interview, Reno admitted he does not really consider Dreamland a manga, but he does not know how else Dreamland can be categorized. 

It is revealed in the latest volumes that he already wrote the last chapter of Dreamland at the same time he was writing the first. He does not know how many volumes he wants to make. He's unsure about it, but he said that it would not be less than 10 and certainly not more than 40.

He is very close to his fanbase. He often sign his fan's volumes of Dreamland by doing them personally complex illustrations on all of their collection.  

Reno Lemaire has opened an online shop where you can find goodies related to Dreamland such as T-shirt, Sweatshirt, posters and figurines. 

According to another interview , he does not see scantrad as bad things. It's quite the opposite actually, he's often surprised and flattered to see that his manga is read online by foreign readers. Reno considers it as a valuable metric to the manga market and believe that people will not stop to buy mangas because of scantrad. According to him, that may be explained by the fact that manga's fan are the first to be proud of their collection.


  • His real full name is Renaud Lemaire.
  • He has a little dog named Fury and seems to love him a lot.
  • Reno Lemaire draws comics since he was 7 year old. 
  • His favorite Dreamland volume is the fourth one.
  • He is right handed.
  • According to the 11th volume, he is of Vietnamese origin.
  • His favorite authors are Akira Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda, his favorite movie is Wayne World and his favorite meal is Pho, a Vietnamese soup.
  • He drives an old mini car model and is very proud of it. 
  • He practices Volleyball regularly.
  • He often incorporates things from his favorite manga into Dreamland: One Piece, Saint Seiya, Dragon ball...
  • He has a big red tattoo on his right arm. Probably a personal work since it looks very close to his usual style of drawing.