Band composed entirely of powerful travelers, they often pass into the Dream Mag, they are the most famous band Dreamland.

Puma Girls
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Puma Girls

Biographical Information
Also Known As Most Famous Band In DreamLand
Physical Description
Age unknown
Gender Females
Eyes Diffrent
Hair Diffrent
Family Unknown
Allies Jerzey Puma
Phobia Diffrent
Ability Diffrent
Occupation Band Of Performers
Manga Debut


."The Queen" Odyssey Puma: Singer of the group, she is known to have the most beautiful voice Dreamland because her power allows to penetrate the heart, feelings, memories and thoughts of people.

.Baby Doll "Lolita Puma" She plays the synthesizer, she will invite Eve onstage during the Célestiafest after the latter has helped to find the Odyssey voice. Her power allows her to turn into picture her thoughts and memories.

.Erzebeth "Vampire Puma" (formerly named "Puma Rigel") She plays the electric guitar, replacement of Jerzey Puma

.Grunge "Criminal Puma" (formerly named "Marianne Puma") She plays bass

.Skelleton "Savage Puma" (formerly called "Rambo Puma") She plays the drums

.Paris "Lioness Puma" (formerly named "Georgie Puma") She plays the violin

.BB Puma: She plays the saxophone

.Jerzey Puma: Former member of the group has been replaced by Erzebeth electric guitar and lack enormously Baby Doll.


In Volume 13, the voice of the singer Odyssey Puma will be stolen by the "Family", mafia dreamlandesque, but thanks to Eve, she recovered her voice and may be at the concert of the 2nd evening of Célestiafest.

In Volume 14, during the second night of Célestiafest, she will be joined on stage by Eve at the concert and will be temporarily called "New Jerzey Puma" the group will be revamped so as Puma Girls play the triangle.

Between Dream Mag Collector's Edition of Volume 10 and Volume 14, BB Puma disappeared from the group and other change of name, unless this is also a new member.