Biographical Information
Also Known As The Fisherman of Ideas
Town Mumbai
Country India
Nationality India
Physical Description
Age 21
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Allies Flam
Lion Messi
Phobia Ideophobia (Ideas/Thoughts of Others)
Ability Idea/Emotion Manipulation
Occupation 2nd year Medical Student
League Major/ #77
Affiliation Kill Stars
Manga Debut Chapter

Naora, the fisherman of ideas, is a member of Kill stars.


He is tanned and also has short white hair he also has a kind of sad expression on his face.


He is known to hold grudges as seen with Shaka when he left the group he was the only one not to forgive Shaka but instead he holds a grudge.


Naora was traumatized by a failed love. Since then he no longer had confidence in himself and feared the notice and the thoughts of others. It is with him that Shaka created the group and together they helped Flam become a traveler. He also keeps a lot of bitterness over the departure of his friend considering it as abandonment and betrayal.


His power related to the fear of ideas/emotions enables him to remove or incorporate in its target an idea, an emotion or feeling. For this purpose it has a magic cane ideas. The more powerful the opponent the less time the cane sustains its effects.

Magic ItemsEdit

The Cane of Ideas

Shaped like a fishing rod, after fixing the end of the line to someone temple it make them forget the ideas or feelings he had in mind for 3 minutes.


Naora is 21, he is a student of 2nd year medical student at Mumbai (India) and his phobia is idéophobie (fear of ideas and what people think). He is a Geek (he loves the internet, video games especially MMO where he spent most of his nights. At Dreamland, he is the fisherman idea, with its cane ideas, he may withdraw somebody a 3 minutes the idea he had in mind.