Milo Azura
Biographical Information
Also Known As The Gold Knight
Town Florence
Country Italy
Nationality Italian
Physical Description
Age 26
Gender Male
Allies Infinity Midas
Phobia Metallophobia (fear of metal)
Ability Magnetism
Occupation Salesman
League S League / #15
Affiliation The Kingdom of Wealth
Manga Debut Chapter

Milo Azura is a traveler of Dreamland for the The Kingdom of Wealth. He works directly under Infinity Midas.


Milo is always seen dawning a hide magnificent Golden Armor. He has long dark hair and two fang like tattoos or make-up on the corner of each of his eyes.


He is very serious and respectful, this is often seen when he addresses Infinity Midas. He gets quite offended if other do not show him that kind of respect. He is a little awkward when interacting with other travelers and was made fun of by The Lucky Stars when he said he wasn't interested in girls, being called gay by Savane Donelli.


In Dreamland, he is No. 15 in the league S, he is the knight in golden armor and the right hand man of Infinity King Midas.

In Volume 14, he will lose his famous golden armor after a fight against the "new black dragons", he lost his place in the Special League is seems that he is related to his armor, saying it is too rested on his armor, he decided to do everything to become the No. 1 of the Major League before attempting to retrieve his golden armor.


Magnetism: Milo is regarded as a Special traveler. He is ranked 15th in the Special League, so he must be quite strong. He is also known to be able to move at speed of light when attacking. His attacks are nearly impossible to dodge.  

Magic ItemsEdit

The Golden Armor: Given to Milo by Infinity Midas for his strength and courage.  His armor was broken by Toro Picana and it is unknown if it has/will be fixed.