The meteors are an important group of travelers in Dreamland. Their exact number is unknown but they seem to be present everywhere in the world of Dream. They are considered as a real army. They are known to keep an eye on some travelers and every important events. Their main goal is to take control of the world of Dream.

The meteors often recruit and train promising traveler. They possess numerous training camp in Dreamland.

They are all dressed in the same fashion. Their attire consists in a long white cap covering all their body with a big collar. They are usually all masked in order to conceal their identity.  


The group is lead by nine powerful travelers known as generals. The generals are under the command of three even more powerful travelers called "The Judge". Two of these judges are ranked in the Special League.



  • Chameleon George : 2nd General


  • The Horned Monk : 3rd General
    • Jared Hellion (Killed by Attila)


  • Shaka : 4th General
    • White Kiba
    • Melody
    • Killian


  • Paul the Croc : 5th General