Biographical Information
Also Known As The Immortal
Town Paris
Country France
Physical Description
Age 26
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Hair White
Allies Isaak
Phobia Hematophobia (Blood)
Ability Blood Controller
Occupation Fulltime Electrician
League Majors / #1
Affiliation Indomitables
Manga Debut

Maniac is the leader of the Indomitables and is the number 1 traveler in the Major League. He is a blood controller due to a very traumatic experience as a kid with the doctors. With this fear turned power he rose through the ranks all the way to number one of the Majors. His team in Dreamland, the Indomitables, consists of his best friend Isaak and Celeste.


Maniac has white hair and red eyes. He is usually seen wearing a black sleeveless hoodie, a black hat, and a emotionless expression on his face. He is quite tall and muscular. He is very muscular, very close to Dolche Tejada built.


From the little we know about Maniac, he seems very stoic and focused on his mission. Even if he is fighting someone that he knows he cannot defeat, not a single shred of fear or hesitation is shown, as seen when he stand in front of Arka, one of the most dangerous traveler's killer. On certain occasion, he may look down on weak Travelers.


According to his notes in volume 6, his phobia results from his very first blood test. The nurse struggled to find a vein and was forced to use her needle repeatedly. It is said this experience was traumatic for Maniac.


Maniac is a Blood controller. We have yet to see his power in action but his nickname may refers to him being really difficult to injure thanks to his power.


  • According to his data in volume 6, he likes silence, challenges, opponents on his own level, the color black, caps and playing Xbox.
  • He dislikes waiting, McDonald's, Paris Métro, noise, braggarts, newcomers and fools. For some reasons, the things he dislikes are very similar to those of Isaak, his fellow team member and friend in the real world.