Lord Elvis
Biographical Information
Also Known As The stoned cat
Country The Cat Kingdom
Physical Description
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Hair Blue
Allies Saturn
Rafaelo Midas
Lord Crazy
The Cat Kingdom
Enemies Attila
Phobia none
Ability Feline Abilities, flight.
Occupation Lord of his Village and Temple
League None
Affiliation The Cat Kingdom
The Lucky Stars
Manga Debut

Lord Elvis, also known as the Stoned Cat, was the protector of one of the temple at the entrance of  The Cat Kingdom. He is a creature from Dreamland and was the Cat Kingdom king's personnel bodyguard a long time ago. After being defeated and almost killed by the hands of Attila, he joined The Lucky Stars as one of Eve's invocation in order to take his revenge on him.  


He was once the Cat Kingdom's second bodyguard to the King and Milan's master. 

He chased Attila and meets Sabba on his way. 

Later he fought Attila and lost, almost been killed in the fight. He joined the Lucky stars as one of Eve Bright's summons in order to take his revenge on Attila. 


After almost been killed by Attila, Lord Crazy proposed a plan to save him by making him into Eve's invocation. Crazy tattooed Eve Bright  with Elvis' blood, thus making Elvis one of her invocation. He retains his free will and can appear at his own will.  

Due to his feline attribute, he holds great powers. He is huge, standing at almost six times the size of an average human.  

He can also grow a pair of small wings in his back that allow him to fly.