Lion Messi
Biographical Information
Also Known As The Prodigy
Town Rosario, Santa Fe
Country Argentina
Nationality Argentinian
Physical Description
Age 16
Gender Male
Eyes Yellow
Hair Blue
Allies Flam
Enemies Shaka
Phobia Hydrophobia (Water)
Ability Rare Element Controller of Wild Water (Manipulation)
Occupation High school student
League M/ #3
Affiliation Kill Stars
Manga Debut Chapter 94

Currently he is a member of the Kill Stars. He navigates between the third and fourth place in the Major League because in his words "that is not traveler to be underestimated". Although he is incredibly powerful his power is not felt in his attitude. He is very childish and prefers to take his time with the group through the different layers of Dreamland his own pace.


Lion has long blue hair and has a rather slim build. He bears a scar on his left eye and he is often seen with a big gourd on his back. He is usually seen with a bandanna but when its gone it reveals a large scar on his forehead.


He is a very humble and mature person despite being young and very strong. He's also very caring toward is team mate, often protecting them when they're in danger. 


Lion became a traveler at a very young age, his transformation was called "the miracle". Many mysteries still surround his past. We know, however, that he once had a master and he had already dealt with Osso Bucco in the past. It was during an attack by a lord of a small nightmare's realm that the group (with Shaka at that time) met Lion. Flam insisted he enters the team then they were off to new adventures.

Abilities and powersEdit

Water Manipulation: Lion is one of the rare water element user. He carries with him a gourd full of water.

Water is the only element considered as wild in Dreamland. It seems that water is not affiliated with any Kingdom or Nightmare Lord.


  • His name is close to Lionel Messi, one of the best soccer player in the world. Reno Lemaire said that, while not very found of soccer, he once saw a little childish player defeated any players he confront. It was his main inspiration source for Lion Messi.