Kingdoms are areas in Dreamland ruled by different Lords, overall there are approximatively 1,000 kingdoms. They're related to something people in the real world fear or dream about (spiders, money, cat, fire...). The more people fear or dream about the element, animal or object, the more important the Kingdom in Dreamland is. Their size and the power of their respective ruler and inhabitants depend on the number of people who dreamed or have nightmare about the element they are related to. The Darkness Kingdom and the Money Kingdom are known to be the most important kingdoms in Dreamland. While some Kingdom related to the fear of the Plague or Dragons has almost disappeared.  

The Kingdom of FireEdit

Kingdom of CatsEdit

Kingdom of DogsEdit

  • Dream Kingdom
  • ​King: Carlin

Kingdom of IceEdit

  • Nightmare Kingdom
  • ​King: Previce

Realm of DarknessEdit

  • Nightmare Kingdom
  • ​King: Unknown

Kingdom of ElectricityEdit

  • Nightmare Kingdom
  • ​King: Actarus

Kingdom of WealthEdit

The Celestial KingdomEdit