Kill Stars, a group of Dreamland.


  • Shaka, the founder(left group).
  • Flam, the 3rd member.


Kill Stars was created by Shaka.

A very talented group, Kill stars have experienced changes in their team. Shaka and Naora initially formed the group. They then helped Flam become a traveler. Following the fight with a Nightmare Lord, Lion Messi (No. 4 league M) joined up. The previous leader, Shaka, thought that their progress was too slow and so he left the group because it no longer suited him. He aspired to rise rapidly in the upper ranks of Dreamland while others wanted to advance their level more slowly. Shaka chose to abandon them and to achieve its objectives. Now the group is composed of Lion, Flam and Naora. They are shocked at Celestia Fest because Shaka is now part of Meteor. The atmosphere was cold, resentment is still there ... Despite the departure of their leader, Lion, # 3 of the Major League, keeps the group at a good level. In addition, Flam has a dark power.