Biographical Information
Also Known As The Lion Warrior
Physical Description
Age 40
Gender Male
Hair Blue-ish Grey
Allies Terrence Meyer
Savane Donelli
Enemies Attila
Phobia Ailourophobie (fear of cats)
Ability Cat Abilities
Occupation Truck Driver
League S/ #37 (#43, #5 previously)
Affiliation The Cat Kingdom
Manga Debut Chapter

Jimmy is a powerful and well known Traveler. He is the wielder of the power of the Nine Tails. The legend says that the traveler would have nine tails to symbolize its nine lives and on the 9th a miracle will happen. In Dreamland, Jimmy has participated in many battles in the past, and bears the image of "heroes" like all the traveler in the Special League.


Jimmy is the typical warrior: Strong, brave, wise and fundamentally good. He is a loner who wanders Dreamland to help the weakest travelers.

Jimmy is probably the only traveler to have a huge influence on Savane, a kind of spiritual master for the Fish maker.


He fought once against Dolche Tejada during the Great Travelers Battle, in this fight he was killed for the first time and gained his second tail.

Jimmy gained his third tail during the Black Cat Night in his battle against Attila's group.

Romauld was the one to finish him. The fight ended in a double K.O. 

His fourth tail came after the incident with Lord Karnage who lost control of his power. Jimmy to help him jump into the fire.


Jimmy has feline powers. He has claws, whiskers, a tail, cat ears, and is covered in fur. In addition to having the appearance of a cat he also has the agility and reflexes of a cat. He also has the mythical Nine Lives, represented by his tail.

Thanks to his power, he has 9 lives, each one represented by a tail. Each time he is killed, he is reborn in a new more powerful form and a new tail grows on his back. Actually he has fourth tails, which means he has been killed three times. Even with only two tails, he was able to easily break Savane shoulder with one direct blow.

He also killed Lord Magoss, one of the powerful Lord of The Cat Kingdom in one punch. 

To develop his strength and skill he studied under the strongest of the King's Guard, Saturn.

With the power he gained from his training he became a hero of the past wars in Dreamland and obtained the rank of 37th in the S league. Prior to become Lord Magoss's slave, he was ranked 5th in the Special League.


  • First Tail: Earned when becoming a Traveler.
  • Second Tail: Earned in the past Traveler War
  • Third Tail: Earned after being killed by Attila
  • Fourth Tail: Earned by being killed accidentally by Lord Karnage