Biographical Information
Also Known As The Dragon
Town San Cristobal
Country Venezuela
Physical Description
Age 23
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Blue
Allies Savane Donelli
the indomitables
Phobia Tachophobia (fear of Speed)
Ability Power of the Dragons
Occupation Student in Archaeology
League Major/ #55 (former #88)
Manga Debut Chapter

Geriko is a 23 year old Traveler who holds the power of the dragon in his left arm. He was related to the Kingdom of speed prior to exchanging his power against one of Dragon's scale. He is Savane Donelli's main rival in Dreamland.



Geriko seems to be a very kindhearted person. In his first appearance in the series he is seen protecting an entire kingdom, The Kingdom of The Two Goddesses (a very small and insignificant kingdom in Dreamland). Albeit very gifted in fighting, he is not found of it and he can not really stand competition.

While being one of the most gifted and powerful Dreamland's Rookiee, he rather prefers to hide his power in order to avoid conflict. Savane made him realize that he fears to face his destiny. Since then, he goes through Dreamland and has been seen fighting every strong opponent he encounters with success.



Geriko has the Power of the Dragons. To obtain this power he had to be chosen by a dragon. It is said that a dragon will only choose travelers with pure heart. In exchange of his original power, he was infused with a dragon scale, a gruelingly painful process.

Geriko choose to infuse the scale in his left arm. They say that those that yield the dragons power is slowly driven to madness due to the overwhelming power.

Due to the power of the Dragons, his left arm is scaled and Geriko holds tremendous raw power in it. His power also allows him to summon a Dragon shaped energy from his left arm. He is actually one of the strongest Dreamland contenders, defeating every traveler or creature he meets. He defeated Zero easily and knocked Savane unconscious in one punch to the stomach.

Geriko used to have a speed based power since speed was the phobia he overwhelmed in order to become a traveler.