The Fish Tower is a submarine place in Dreamland related to the Fishmaker power. It is situated in the third zone. This is a place where most of the Dreamland important and most powerful fishes live and meet. The tower is actually ruled by the Dream King Bulboh, the master and king of the Fishes.

There is actually 3000 floors in the tower. Each floor has 5 doors where fishes wait for the Fishmaker to come. The more you dive deep in the tower, the more powerful the fishes are.

In order to become more powerful and to be able to summon more fishes, the Fish maker must fight the fish he wants to come to terms with. It seems that he can also bet the number of fishes he can defeat with Bulboh in exchange of something if he succeeds.

In order to meet with the fish he wants to fight against, he must enter in the floor by a door and is then teleported somewhere in Dreamland waters where the fish await for him.

The fishmaker is the only traveler allowed to enter in the tower.

Fish Tower FloorsEdit

  • 3rd floor, 13th door : Kanine
  • 3rd floor, 15th door : Fox
  • ??? : Bibi
  • 9th floor, 45th door : Moustik
  • 19th floor, 93th door : Moby dick
  • 20th floor, 100th door : Fury
  • 220th floor, door bewteen 1100th and 1105th : Virus (previously)

The twelve cursed fishesEdit

  • Twelve fish raise amongst the other. They were banished from the tower because of their power and they're called the twelve cursed fishes.
  • Bibi: A little fish who follow Savane everywhere in Dreamland. She's a female and her actual powers, rank and statue among the twelve cursed fishes is unknown. She seems to be in love with Savane and is easily afraid. 
  • Virus: 8th cursed fish, he is the scorpion. He's a small black fish whose main power is poison. After Savane was shown to be able to resist his poison, he become one of his invocation. He is very powerful since he was on the 220th floor when he was still in the Fish tower. 
  • The Great Mako: He is a great white shark and is the master of the Shark temple,Sharkland. He is known to be the fastest and most powerful Shark in Dreamland.


An independent place from the Fish tower where most of of the more powerful Sharks live. 


  • Bulboh, the King of fishes has yet to make an appearance in the manga. We can only see him in one of Reno Lemaire's early illustrations.
  • The Fish maker can create a contract with every fish in Dreamland. He's not limited to the of Fish tower.