Dreamland map

Dreamland is the world of dream, a parallel universe to the real world. Humans enter Dreamland by dreaming. This world exists through the human mind and is shaped by their dreams and nightmares. While most of the dreamers are not aware of Dreamland, some of them have realized its existence. They are called the Travelers. Although Dreamland can be seen as a wonderful and fantasy universe where the impossible become possible, it is also vast and very dangerous.


Dreamland is divided into 4 concentric known areas.

  • The first area is the safest one. It is known to welcome the newest travelers.
  • The second area is called the "main zone". This is where most of the travelers meet.
  • The third area is the zone of the Nightmare kingdoms ruled by the Nightmare lords. It is vast as they welcome a lot of dream each night. This is a very dangerous place. The third zone is where the travelers ranked in the Special League are the most active.
  • The fourth area is only known by a very few numbers of being. It is said to be way too dangerous to explore for anyone in Dreamland. 
  • The fifth area is the last known area in Dreamland. 
  • According to Carl Gustav Jung, a sixth area may exist in Dreamland. This area is supposed to be Edenia.

Nightmare KingdomsEdit

  • The Spiders Kingdom
  • The Void Kingdom

Dream KingdomEdit

  • The Kingdom of Wealth
  • The Illusion Kingdom
  • The Kingdom of Nonsense


  • Kazinopolis
  • Puzzle City
  • Firania
  • Terra-Da-City

Places Edit

  • Alkaria, the Dreamland Prison
  • The Ephemeral Island
  • Mushroom Land
  • Amb Theater
  • Sweet Black Sea (Coca Cola Sea)
  • Sboob Land
  • Forest of the Forgotten Realm
  • Mojoland

Famous Events Edit


Dreamland creatures


Trivia Edit

  • According to the author, if humanity was to disappear, only Edenia would stay in Dreamland.
  • Still according to him, it is possible to sleep and dream in Dreamland. More information about this is to come in the manga.