Dreamland is populated by different kinds of permanent inhabitants. Those people do not exist in human reality and are exclusive to the dream world. Travelers and dreamer are just ephemeral visitors who come to the land of Dream only during they sleep. Dreamland's permanent inhabitant can be distinguished from dreamers and travelers by their ears. They all have pointed ears. Some rare travelers may also have pointed ears due to their respective powers.

Dreamland creatures grow old much faster than human and hold different natural powers or abilities. They're all very different from each others and giving an overall description of them is difficult.

Nightmare LordsEdit

With the dream kings, they're among the most powerful creatures in Dreamland. They rule kingdom depending on their powers. They are as much Nightmare lords in Dreamland as they are phobia in the real world. They're often regarded as being evil. Actually the most powerful Nightmare lord is said to be the Lord of Darkness.

Dream KingsEdit

Like the Nightmare Lords, Dream kings rules kingdom. However the kingdoms they rules are not related to fear or phobia but to real people dream. The more people dream about something, the more important and vast the kingdom related to this thing is. They're respected as noble and peaceful being. Actually the most powerful of them is Infinity Midas, the ruler of the gold kingdom. 


Dragon are legendary creature in Dreamland and it is very difficult to meet one. Not much is known about them except that they are intelligent creatures that fly over the land of dreams. They are not affiliated to any Kingdom.

Known users of The Power of The Dragons


Titans are powerful and huge Dreamland creature. They have yet to appear in the manga but they are the main source of power of many travelers.

Known users of The Power of The Titans:

Egg BearerEdit

Not much is known about them except that they are quite powerful, easy to anger and seem to care a lot about their egg. 

Known Travelers

Common creaturesEdit

  • Monsters: Monsters are very common in Dreamland. They can be found in any land or area and can be as huge as the tallest building. Some of them are peaceful, while others are blood thirsty. 
  • Fairies: They are small creatures who lives in Dreamland without carrying much about anything
  • Projections: They are projection of humans mind, they often takes the shape of known figure such as celebrity, animals or fiction characters.