Dreamland is a French manga written and Illustrated by Reno Lemaire, a french artist. The manga is published by Pika edition since January 2006.


Terrence Meyer, a teenager of 18, is a student in high school of Jules Guesde. His mother died in a fire when he was only 7 years old and since then he has a fear of fire. But one night while he was dreaming of his mother prisoner of the flames, he overcomes his fear by controlling the fire. He meets a mysterious man who tells him that he became a traveler, a special kind of dreamer. And from that moment, every night during his sleep, he finds himself transported to Dreamland the world of dreams where he lives many adventures.


Volumes and Chapters

  • Volume 1 Fire!
  • Volume 2 Duality
  • Volume 3 Paths
  • Volume 4 Coma
  • Volume 5 Travelers
  • Volume 6 Kazinopolis
  • Volume 7 Attila 
  • Volume 8 Mojo
  • Volume 9 Tattoo
  • Volume 10 Symphonia
  • Volume 11 Worldapart
  • Volume 12 Fiesta
  • Volume 13 Reunion

Main CharactersEdit