Dolche Tejada
Biographical Information
Also Known As The Crow
Town Madrid
Country Spain
Nationality Spanish
Physical Description
Age 33
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Phobia Ornithophobie (fear of birds)
Ability Power of the crow
Occupation Bartender
League S/ #1(Present)
Major/ #88 (13 years ago)
Affiliation The Cyclones (Former)
Manga Debut Volume 5

Nicknamed "The Raven" or "The Crow", Dolche is currently the Special League number 1 and is considered as one of the most powerful Travelers  in Dreamland.

He is kind and often stresses about how he should lead this new generation of Travelers. He lives in Madrid, Spain and is a Bartender.


Dolche is very tall and has a lean but muscular build.

He has spiky blond hair and has a very depressed look in his eyes.  


20 years ago Dolche was the third member of the Cyclones. Just like Terrence's group, Dolche followed Diego Monkey (leader of the Cyclones) and Fergy Peter (2nd member) in the search for Edenia.


We actually do not know what is the limits of his power but he seems to hold the power to change part of his body into birds members.

He has been seen with a pair of wings and has the ability to fly. It seems that his power is quite versatile since he can also grow feathers in the mouth of opponents.

He may also be a Shapeshifter who choose crows as his main transformation.

Dolche is actually one of the most powerful traveler in Dreamland. He is known to be an overall very talented fighter despite having an average power in Dreamland.

He managed to kill Jimmy for the first time, was part of the Diego Monkey group and had defeated Arka who is actually ranked 5th in the special league. 


  • His design is quite similar to Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. 
  • According to Dreamland's author Reno Lemaire, he's standing at 6.3 feet (1.91 m).