Biographical Information
Also Known As Loudmouth
Physical Description
Age 19
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Allies Asmodehus
Enemies Terrence Meyer
Phobia Pyrophobia (Fire)
Ability Fire Manipulation
Occupation High School Graduate
Economics Student (after graduation)
League Baby/ #700
M/ #1102
Affiliation The Fire Kingdom (4th Official Controller)
Manga Debut

Charly is the childhood friend of Lydia and Terrence Meyer's nocturnal twin/rival.


He has a rough looking face, he has a lean body, spiky brown hair and also has very sharp teeth.


Charly is very loud and has an "in your face" attitude just like Savane Donelli

He shows very little respect for his seniors and is very cocky.


He was Born on 26/05/1987, his phobia is pyrophobe (afraid of Fire), his phobia comes from his father who was a pyromaniac, in real life, he is a student in ES Terminal in Paris, he has just won his BAC when he appears in Volume 4, he is a childhood friend of Lydia. In Dreamland, he is the 4th official fire controller. It was hidden by the powerful master of fire during training. He destroyed the detonator Neil, who had given him (in volume 7, we learn that he does not need because it can create fire as they see fit).

The next night after meeting with Terrence in real life, he discovers that he is also a controller of fire. It burns all matches Terrence and creates a gigantic fireball that Terrence will aspire to avoid destroying the crops of a village of the kingdom of cats. In Volume 9, he will attack Attila to assess its level against the best controller of fire.

It seems that the tensions between him and Terrence are mitigated because it is present at the celebrations organized by the "Lucky Star"


He is the fourth official fire controller.

He can master his power better than Terrence but is ranked lower than him in the Major League due to being kept for long time in a training room by Asmodehus.