• 6 months following the arc of The Night of the Black Cat, the Celestia Fest begins. It's a party organized by the King Cael, The Celestial Lord, which takes place every 2000 nights and lasts for three nights. On the last night the Emperor of Heaven answers questions from the travelers that remain. he is able to answer any question because he is able to see the past and the future of Dreamland.
  • To get to the festival, you must either be part of the 50 members of the League S or M top of the League and their groups. These travelers receive a VIP invitation to teleport directly to the location of the party without a trial. The trial is called "The Survival".
  • Travelers who wish to access the Celestia Fest, not including those special few previously mentioned, must go through the Survival trial where the face monsters, each more dangerous than the last. After Survival they will use the elevator to the Tower of oblivion to access the first of four heavens, leading to the fifth heaven, where the city Celestia and the party is located.

The EventEdit

  • The Lucky Stars decide to go to Celestia Fest learning that the Heavenly Lord will answers all the questions that arise from the elected.
  • We learn that the Meteors have two goals, finding the egg of Typhon; a creature that appears when the Lords prevent any new kingdom to exist. In his last appearance, while six Lords ruled supreme in Dreamland, he faced the Lords and only three survived: the Dark Lord , the Heavenly Lord,and the Lord of the Plague. The second objective of Meteors is catching it. Shaka and Killian's team of four Meteors are not aware of these objectives.
  • The Neostorm group's Dog carries a tick with him into the Heavenly Kingdom. These ticks are dangerous because they have a capacity of reproduction and adapting, this makes them dangerous. They were isolated to Worldapart by the Nightmare Lords and Dream Kings.
  • The Lucky Stars' Titin pass through directly to the Tower of Oblivion, triggering the anger of others. Sasha try to kill Terrence with Angelito dodge the hot passage. Angelito say that Terrence contains a creature that had tried to eat in the past. Fortunately Jin, the most powerful traveler in The Heavenly Kingdom, intervene and calm everyone by announcing that they are all selected.