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The Brush of Destiny is one of Dreamland rarest magical artifact. This very valuable item is ranked as an A class Magical object. It is a well known object and is highly desired by a lot of travelers. The only limit of his powers seems to be his wielder imagination. The actual master of the Brush of Destiny is Sabba Malouki, a traveler part of The Lucky Stars group.

He seems to have a will on his own and can on act on his free will at time depending on the situation. He will only obey to one master at time. The only way to obtain it from his actual master is to kill him or wait for him to be killed.

His size can be adjusted by his master and may vary depending on the situation.


The Brush of Destiny has the power to do different kinds of things depending on the color using by his wielder. 

  • Immortal Black : Indelible, she can only be erased after 1000 years.
  • Spiky Red : Allows the wielder to grow pike on the surface he paints on. Can be utilized even on the wielder himself as a defensive power.
  • Absorbing Black : Can absorb and protect from strong blinding lights.
  • Living Pink : Used to draw something that can be summoned. Used by Sabba with Eve power.
  • Changing ink : Can make appear on a surface everything the wielder can think about.
  • Sticky Orange or Superglue Yellow : Can stick to any surface and act as lime.
  • Fire absorbing Blue : Can absorb fire and protect the wielder from it.
  • Fertile Green : Can make act as a fertilizer for plant.
  • Magnetic Grey : Can magnet every metals. 
  • Summoning Yellow : Can make ton of Banana appear.


  • The Brush of Destiny's previous master was Pablo Ruiz Picasso.
  • It was ranked by mistake as a B class item in the 2nd volume.