Biographical Information
Also Known As Lord of Ashes
Town Istanbul
Country Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Physical Description
Age 43
Gender Male
Hair White
Allies Romauld
Djay Killa
Mina Violetta
Enemies Asmodehus
Phobia Pyrophobia (Fire/Flames)
Ability Fire Manipulation
Occupation Strip club bouncer
League S/ #2
Major/ #10 (13 years ago)
Affiliation The Fire Kingdom (#1 Official Controller) (Former)
Attila's Band
Manga Debut Chapter 68

Attila known as "The Ashes Lord" is currently the most powerful fire controller and the #2 traveler in all of Dreamland.

He is the founder and leader of a group called Attila's Band.


He is quite tall and muscular, he also has spiky white hair.


So far the story portrays Attila as a rather crazy traveler. He seems to enjoy chaos and also striking fear in the hearts and minds of all those which cross his path. 

Atilla is really confident about his power, for him Dreamland is just a game field where nothing is dangerous for him.


Twenty years ago, at the time when Attila was still obeying the orders of Asmodeus, there were six powerful fire users, a true destructive power of the kingdom.

These travelers were Known to be cruel and merciless. Today, the only survivor of that period is Attila.

There is a link to his rebellion against Asmodehus


The most famous/powerful fire user of The Fire Kingdom, Attila is no stranger to power.  Not only does he have an incredible amount of "fire" power and great control over it, he is also known for his god-like magnitude of brute strength.

This strength has been seen when Attila was shown to effortlessly tossing Lord Elvis across The Cat Kingdom and into the palace.

He can manipulate fire to great extent and holds the soul of fire, a magical item which allows him to give fire power to a traveler that he sees fit. 

He has developed a technique that allow him to be entirely made of fire, making him almost invulnerable. But although he can maintain this state easily, this technique is limited to number of hit he can take.

Attila is ranked #2 in the special league but is known to be the most powerful traveler in Dreamland.


Attila throwing Lord Elvis

Magic ItemsEdit

Soul of Fire

Attila's "Soul of Fire" was a gift to him from Asmodehus after surviving and dominating in a great war in the past. With it Attila has the ability to give the power of fire to anyone he sees fit. After Attila cut ties with the Fire Lord he choose to give that power to everyone in his group (most of them were killed by Jimmy at the battle at The Night of the Black Cat).