Lord of fire
Biographical Information
Also Known As Lord of Fire
Holy Terrors
Physical Description
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Hair Red
Allies Previce
Phobia None
Ability Fire Manipulation
Occupation Lord of the Fire Kingdom
League None
Affiliation The Fire Kingdom
The Electric Kingdom
The Ice Kingdom
Manga Debut Chapter 2

Asmodehus (also written as Asmodheus) is the fifth most powerful Nightmare Lord in Dreamland. he is the Lord of the Fire Kingdom. He is otherwise known as the ``King of Hell``. He is the leader in the upcoming war against The Dark Kingdom.


He is quite tall, rather muscular and has wild spiky red hair.

He bears a blue tattoo over his left eye, much like the one Previce has.


When he was young he was part of the The Holy Terrors with Previce and Actarus.


Asmodehus is one of the most ambitious beings in Dreamland. His main goal is to overthrown the most powerful Nightmare lord, the lord of the Darkness Kingdom.

He does not hesitate to threaten other lords to obtain what he wants. He is confident in his powers and fears almost nothing in Dreamland. He also seems to have a love relationship with Previce as well.


Being the Lord of the Fire Kingdom, Asmodehus is able to control fire to the best of its abilities. 

He is one of Dreamland's strongest and feared creatures. He can destroy a vast Kingdom in one attack and has already been seen killing powerful Travelers in one blow. It has been reported that he had already defeated and killed many other Nightmare Lords.

He has total authority over the fire controllers under his direct commands: Epony Faralong, Neal Carrence and Charly.

Attila and Terrence Meyer are the only fire controllers that do not obey his orders.

Attila betrayed him long time ago and Terrence Meyer is an unofficial fire controller.


  • It is implied in 12th volume that he's not the first Lord of fire. Asmodehus has at least two predecessors to his position.
  • Asmodehus has a hated history with the powerful Traveler, Toro Picana.